On the 13th of June, the Senate of Puerto Rico confirmed Dr. Adi Martínez-Román, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Right to Democracyas a Commissioner for the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission (CDC).

Co-Founder and Co-Director of "Right to Democracy" Confirmed to Serve on the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission (CDC)

Following her nomination on the 8th of February, Dr. Adi Martínez-Román has been confirmed as a Commissioner for the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission (CDC) on the 13th of June. With a distinguished background in law, advocacy, and academia, Dr. Martínez-Román brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Her previous leadership roles, including Executive Director of the Access to Justice Fund Foundation, Executive President of FURIA, Inc., and Director of Operations of the Resiliency Law Center at the University of Puerto Rico’s Law School, underscore her commitment to advancing civil rights and justice in Puerto Rico. As a Commissioner, she aims to address pressing civil rights challenges facing the island, drawing on her expertise in human rights and her dedication to promoting equity and democracy across U.S. territories.



The confirmation of Dr. Martínez-Román has been met with acclaim from colleagues, who highlight her deep understanding of legal and societal issues affecting Puerto Rico. Her appointment comes at an important time for the Civil Rights Commission, helping reaffirm their mission to safeguard human rights and enact reforms that uphold justice. Dr. Martínez-Román’s tenure promises to be marked by proactive measures to address systemic challenges and to advocate for marginalized communities, continuing her lifelong commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive society in the island.

Right to Democracy congratulates Dr. Martínez-Román on her confirmation as a Commissioner for the Civil Rights Commission.