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Check out our values to better understand our approach for navigating long-standing barriers to democracy, equity and self-determination in the 5 U. S. territories. We do not play politics, and we do not take a position on political status, other than to reject the present colonial relationship.


  • We Build Common Ground by working collectively with people from diverse perspectives to improve understanding, co-create new meanings, and leverage collective power to achieve a common objective.

  • We Respect Differences by listening with an open mind, empathizing with lived experiences, acknowledging power dynamics, and treating everyone with dignity.

  • We Provoke Change through strategies that demand increased engagement, action, and accountability.

  • We Stay Focused on our mission by leveraging our collective knowledge and experiences to address system-level challenges.

  • We Avoid Toxicity through an approach that focuses on working together in good faith, shifts away from zero-sum politics, and centers on our shared goals.
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