This past February 8th, the Governor of Puerto Rico nominated Dr. Adi Martínez-Román, co-founder and co-director of Right to Democracy as a Commissioner for the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission (CDC).

Co-Founder and Co-Director of "Right to Democracy" Nominated to Serve on the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission (CDC)

A lawyer, professor, and activist, Martínez-Román has previously served as Executive Director of the Access to Justice Fund Foundation, Executive President of FURIA, Inc., and Director of Operations of the Resiliency Law Center at the University of Puerto Rico’s Law School. She holds a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Princeton University, and a master’s and doctorate in Fundamental Rights from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid.

“Puerto Rico is experiencing an array of civil rights challenges that impact people’s daily life in our communities. I am proud to be nominated to serve on the Civil Rights Commission, and I hope to be confirmed by the Senate in order to bring my diverse experiences to contribute to advance justice in Puerto Rico,” said Adi Martínez-Román.

Created in 1965, the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission has the mission to "promote and develop human rights in the face of emerging current challenges: to study and investigate related actions, laws, regulations and practices, and to manage reforms and actions that ensure their observance."

“Adi’s depth and breadth of experience will contribute significantly to the Commission’s important work. In addition to decades of experience working to advance civil rights and the development of marginalized communities in Puerto Rico, her work at Right to Democracy has given her the opportunity to explore the intersection of civil and human rights issues across all five U.S. territories,” said Ataveyra Medina Hernández, Right to Democracy Board member.

Right to Democracy works to advance democracy, equity, and self-determination across all five U.S. territories. Its goal is to ensure people in U.S. territories have power and agency over the decisions that impact their lives. It does not take a position on political status, other than to reject the undemocratic colonial framework that currently governs U.S. territories. 

Right to Democracy congratulates Lcda. Martínez Román on her nomination to this important Commission.