During our launch period, now thru Dec. 31, 2024, you can become a Founding Donor of Right to Democracy, the nonprofit that is advancing democracy, equity, and self-determination in U.S. territories. 

This permanent recognition that you were there from the beginning will be broadcast in appropriate ways throughout the life of the organization. 

You may also choose to be anonymous and still enjoy the knowledge that you helped make history. Donate now here.

Donations made between now and the end of the year will be matched by our Board of Directors up to $10,000.

Founding Donor

Founding Supporter

Founding Champion

For a one-time gift of $125 or a recurring gift of $10 a month or more, you will receive: 

  • permanent recognition;
  • a Certificate of Recognition; and 
  • For monthly donors: a Right to Democracy sticker.

For a one-time gift of $500 or a recurring gift of $40 a month or more, you will receive: 

  • permanent recognition; 
  • a Certificate of Recognition; 
  • a Right to Democracy sticker and map of U.S. Territories; and
  • For monthly donors: a water bottle, and tote bag.

For a one-time gift of $2,500 you will receive: 

  • permanent recognition;
  • a Certificate of Recognition; and 
  • a Right to Democracy sticker, map of U.S. Territories, water bottle, tote bag.
  • Recognized as a sponsor for a #TerritoriesTalk


Right to Democracy is: 

  • Advancing democracy, equity, and self-determination in the U.S. territories. 
  • Made up of people from the U.S. territories 
  • Addressing inequalities at the systemic and structural level by: 
    • Using education and narrative change to make the colonial framework an issue, 
    • Practicing participatory advocacy--including litigation and lobbying--to create pressure for change, and 
    • Co-creating a territorial ecosystem that supports equal rights, because no one can do this alone. 
  • Built on deep listening to and partnership with local communities and organizations, including: 
    • A listening tour of the five territories as well as diaspora communities on the mainland. 
    • A Summit on U.S. Colonialism with representatives from all five territories hosted by the Ford Foundation, Democracy Fund, and JM Kaplan Fund in New York City . 
    • Paid, local team members in each of the five territories in our founding year, as well as committees and other ongoing structures to support participation and co-creation. 
  • Dependent on your support to be successful. 

Right to Democracy will work with anyone who shares our goals and our commitment to core values of building common ground, respecting differences, provoking change, staying focused, and avoiding toxicity. 

We would like to thank . . . 

. . . our Founding Board of Directors!

Adi Martínez Román, Co-Founder, Co-President

Neil Weare, Co-Founder, Co-President

Ataveyra Medina Hernández, Secretary

Zen Hunter Ishikawa, Treasurer

Charles Ala’ilima, Board Member

Susan Atkins, Board Member

Adriel Cepeda Derieux, Board Member

Nesha Christian-Hendrickson, Board Member

Roger Maldonado, Board Member

Kaleo Moylan, Board Member

Edward “Smitty” Smith, Board Member

Vanessa Williams, Board Member

. . . our Founding Staff and Community Directors

Adi Martínez Román, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Neil Weare, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director

Yalanis Vélez González, Operations Coordinator

Eliot Tricotti Mookarjee, Senior Advisor

Hadiya Sewer, Virgin Islands Community Director

Sarah Thomas Nededog, Guam Community Director

Sheila Babauta, NMI Community Director

Andra Samoa, American Samoa Community Director

. . . our Founding Advisory Board!

Prof. Rafael Cox Alomar

Prof. Christina Ponsa Kraus

The Hon. Donna M. Christiansen

Prof. John C. Brittain

The Hon. Sheila Babauta

… and YOU, our Founding Donor!

Donate here now to help advance democracy, equity, and self-determination in U.S. territories.